2019-10-18: Find poems in the sky

2019-08-23: I found a quiet spot in a busy place.

2019-08-07: a place in the sun

2019-07-30: Framk Herbert’s

2019-07-18: 🌁

2019-07-15: Hello, my name is Drewzar and I’m addicted to Nitro Cold Brew. Thus I have backed The uKeg …

2019-07-01: I haven’t posted anything in a while so here’s a picture of Mt. Shasta.

2019-05-27: 👋 from Hawk Hill. Feels good to get back out on the road bike.

2019-05-18: Catching up on the second ATOC stage and it really makes me want to go biking in Tahoe. 🚵‍♂️

2019-05-13: Hooray, my micro blog is all setup and I’m really digging everything about it so far.

2019-05-10: Hello World!